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If the couple is married, each spouse has a right to half the value of the matrimonial home.

This is true even if only one spouse's name is on the deed, or if one spouse bought the home before the couple got married.

If a matrimonial home is sold before the relationship ends, the spouse who owned it can then count the value of the home on the date of marriage as property they owned before they were married, and that value does not have to be divided equally.

If you own a home you should settle questions about how to divide property before you get an official divorce If the couple is not married, the matrimonial home belongs to the person whose name is on the deed.

The inherent rights to land of Indigenous peoples are not accurately reflected in the Canadian Legal system.

The federal government has said it will change the laws that affect the property rights of people living on-reserve and will allow First Nations to pass their own laws about owning and dividing land and houses on their territories.

For more information about property laws on-reserve in Ontario, contact the Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto at (416) 408-3967 or at The Ontario Native Women's Association at 1-800-667-0816 or at you are married or unmarried, you are responsible for the debt you accumulate in your name, or the debt that you accumulate jointly with someone in both your names.

If you're married the amount of debt you owe is subtracted from the total amount of your property value when you're calculating how to equally divide property at separation.

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