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The party congress is a major event for the group that single-handedly rules the country.

But China watchers say anyone following the meetings should not expect women to be given any major positions.

UFI offers two quality labels for exhibitions, namely: Every year, 260 million visitors and 4.4 million exhibitors attend events across the globe.

They can rely on the UFI Approved Event and UFI Approved International Event labels to choose the best possible exhibition experience, wherever they are in the world.

Anyone interested in applying for UFI membership must have at least one of their exhibitions audited as a UFI Approved Event or UFI Approved International Event in order to become a member.

Part of the process for obtaining and maintaining UFI quality certification involves carrying out regular audits of exhibition statistics (every other edition for exhibitions that take place once every two years or more often).

UFI’s Auditing Rules Certain auditors are members of UFI and are therefore already accredited by UFI.

Member organisers can choose to use alternative auditors provided that they perform the audits according to UFI’s Auditing Rules.

China’s Communist Party holds its party congress and makes leadership changes once every five years. Many people will be watching those meetings to see who President Xi Jinping appoints to top political positions.There will be about 540 female delegates among the 2,300 delegates who attend the 19th National People’s Congress.FILE - Newly-named Chinese vice Premier Liu Yandong walks past top leaders, including (front row from left to right), National People's Congress chairman Zhang Dejiang and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, China, March 16, 2013 Observers say correcting the imbalance is important if the party wants to remain relevant, but the attention seems to be on other programs.Vice Premier Liu Yandong is one of a few women at the top.Yet she is not a member of the decision-making Politburo’s Standing Committee.

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“They’ll just point to those three and be like ‘well, see what happens when a woman gets in power? But Xu noted Mao’s call was more about doubling the country’s workforce than gender equality.

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