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Abbie, I have one question: What is the purpose of this particular report?

If the ultimate purpose is to ultimately deny all registered sex offenders from obtaining passports, then your report makes sense.

Maybe if we get rid of these scumbags it will give our future a better opportunity not to become drug dealers/addicts, prostitutes, child molesters and muderers. If you talk to most criminals most of them had a very troubling childhood and though it is not an excuse for what they did, in their mind is the reason. If we give these mosters passports we are only enabling them to take a trip commit a crime the return home undetected and most likely never caught since nobody expects the tourist over the neighbor.

Sex offenders are dangerous criminals that have destroyed children and adults lives and futures.

If you REALLY want to hear the actual statistics and methodologies that WORK, please contact our CEO at That is if you are more interested in creating a safer society for everyone, in particular those who are our most precious citizens: our children.

But if you just want to "report" on "unbiased reports" to "let your viewrship/readership" decide, and not provide the actual tools for a rational decision to be made, than keep on trucking.

As the report indicated, there was no evidence that any former offenders used their passports to commit new crimes.

I am more concerned about sex offender hysteria and the politicians who use it to manipulate voters.

I'm sorry but these individuals are sick if they can find pleasure in a child there is nothing we can do to change that. ) if you are attracted to men then you are attracted to me if you are attracted to women you are attracted to women and unfotunatedly and as sick as it is if you are attracted to kids then you are attracted to kids and you have something wrong in your head, you never fully grew up and never will you need to be lock away and have the keys put into a locked box and dropped into the deapest part of the ocean!The baby Alisa that was just kidnapped from missouri(?) was luckily found alive and well the next day but was taken by a man that was released from prison only two weeks earlier for a sexual offense.I was reading through a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report about how thousands of registered sex offenders are being issued U. (Though it can legally prevent people from getting passports who have been convicted of "sex tourism" crimes, thanks to a 2008 statute that has cracked down on sex offenders who travel to other countries for the explicit reason of committing sex crimes.) Still, according to GAO, of the 16 million people who received passports during fiscal year 2008, about 4,500 of them were registered sex offenders. Apparently, the State Department cannot legally deny registered sex offenders from getting a passport.

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