Is eva longoria still dating mark sanchez

So while Rodgers and Munn are an interesting case study, we can do a nice little analysis by bringing in other QBs who have dated someone famous.And so, in one of my more shameful moments as a researcher, I visited a site called “Famous” that keeps a charming little database of other people’s business.With the explanations out of the way, here’s the punchline: among this set of QBs, there is no indication that being in a relationship with a celebrity has hurt their play. QB rating increased by an average of about 10 points during a relationship compared to their play immediately before, and most players exceeded their career average QB rating during the relationship as well!If you look at some of these individually, there are some kind of wild cases.Given the NBA success of Tony Parker, Longoria’s other famous athlete flame, are we left to assume she is some kind of master at analyzing game tape or something?A young Tom Brady got a similar bump from a one-month fling with actress Tara Reid.A source told Page Six that while Mark is “very focused” on football, Eva is a busy businesswoman and is doing a lot of philanthropic and political work, and is developing a number of TV shows, including the NBC dating series “Ready for Love.” PHOTOS: EVA LONGORIA As evidenced by the photos above, it looks like she’s been keeping herself occupied with the spirit of Halloween, too. ” she wrote alongside a snap of her putting a costume together.Between spending time with pals and the walking dead at Universal Studios’ Horror Nights, she’s sewing costumes for her nieces and nephews. Meanwhile, a devastated Sanchez was spotted out with pals at the Darby last Friday, and then on Monday had a low-key dinner with friends at Toy Restaurant.

Yet despite devastating injuries to his wide receiving corps and offensive line, Rodgers was still able to put together a strong season by almost any other QB’s standards, take his team to the playoffs, and come infamously close to reaching the NFC title game.What if they break up and then he ends up alone at a nightclub and gets hit by a piece of glass in his eye while two guys fight over who had sex better with Rihanna and has his career almost end. What if he cheats on Eva with the girlfriend or wife of a teammate? Eva says everything is going great though so no worries. Eva Longoria dating Mark Sanchez might as well be a Disney movie. A spy said, “He was very shy, dressed down in a long-sleeve button-down and jeans.” A rep for Sanchez told us, “It was really more about scheduling . Eva Longoria hadn't had the best luck finding love, until she met her now husband José Antonio Bastón.

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