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It's especially frustrating, because LEGO Universe is probably the best candidate for a free-to-play MMO that I've ever seen.People are already accustomed to buying real-world LEGO bricks in microtransaction packs to build specific vehicles or space forts or islands with buried treasure.The existing business model translates almost perfectly into LEGO Universe, where players can build anything on their properties, and breathe life into whatever they build with interactivity via animation and functionality scripting.Instead, LEGO Universe let free players stagnate in the first zone, burdened with debilitating restrictions (like being unable to chat with anyone they group with) and demanding that they pay the developers /month or nothing at all.Ice Poseidon's "act" is simple: with a mobile broadcasting rig of his own design, he streams several hours of his conspicuously eventful life almost every single day.

Its deep achievements and collections systems have had me hooked on and off since launch , and its diverse minigames always surprise me.

Until then, I'll keep building up my LEGO tower in a tribute to one of my favorite MMOs.

This spring, if you found yourself wandering down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the names of men and women who altered the course of entertainment beneath your feet, there's a decent chance that you might have seen a loud, lanky twenty-something brandishing a contraption that looked like a broadcast tower crossed with a wizard's staff. You were on air, and, on a good day, 20,000 people were watching.

DCUO acknowledged that and made the jump to a full free-to-play model this week , which has seen them inundated with so many players that the servers can't keep up with the demand.

It's truly a shame that the LEGO Group wasn't bold enough to take the full leap into a real free-to-play business model.

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Sure, they said they did, and had the fanfare and big announcement right around the time that everybody and their mothers were going free-to-play.

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