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Where apps offered multiple alert channels (e.g., “sports,” “entertainment,” etc.), all were switched on.Alerts were collected using an i Phone 6 running i OS 10 over a three-week period between Monday, June 19, 2017 and Sunday, July 9, 2017 (inclusive).This is followed by a separate but intimately linked overview of how different outlets are trying to use metrics to inform their push strategies.To conclude, we present an extended discussion of some of the main challenges facing newsrooms in their efforts to implement successful push alert strategies.The project set out to address six research questions: These questions were addressed by combining two research methods: quantitative content analysis and semi-structured interviews.Alerts analyzed within our content analysis were collected from thirty-one i OS apps, selected to cover a broad range of news outlets (global and national publishers, broadcasters, digital-natives, news agencies, specialist news, etc.).At the time, push alerts were seen as a vital way of enticing users back to apps which, when not active, were effectively dead.

The second part of the research involved twenty-three, semi-structured interviews with audience managers, mobile editors, and product managers from a range of U. This report combines the findings from both phases of the research to provide a detailed overview of how U. During one conversation, a mobile editor paused in mid-sentence, laughed, and said, “You know, alerts aren’t even that new.

Its objectives are to better understand how and why news outlets are using mobile push alerts, the decision-making process and workflows behind their use, how metrics inform strategy, and the major challenges presented by push alerts and how outlets have tackled them.

The study intends to provide a detailed understanding of the use of mobile push alerts by news outlets of all sizes and backgrounds. The first involved a quantitative content analysis examining when and how news outlets send push alerts.

As is inevitable, it has also created numerous new challenges. In the relatively short period between interviewing people for this project and writing the report, multiple outlets revamped their apps—adding rich media to their alerts and introducing a swathe of new customization options—rendering their alerts and strategies almost unrecognizable from how they’d been just weeks earlier. headquarters, attended by a number of product managers, mobile editors, audience managers, developers, and other folks whose daily work involves push alerts, that we first got a true sense of the strength of feeling around this technology.

The Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab has dedicated a considerable amount of its efforts to push alerts, and has been recognized both by people interviewed for this project and across the wider journalism community for the contribution it has made in this area. The gamut ran from excitement to frustration to outright despondency.

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