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His father Matthew is an information manager at Mutual of Omaha, while his mother Nancy is a teacher.

Oberst's father moonlights as a multi-instrumentalist in a local band playing weddings as a supplemental income.

"I can remember specifically saying the Cure were my favourite band back in second grade," he tells the in 2003.

Oberst is best known for the indie rock group Bright Eyes, but he’s also played in Monsters of Folk, Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and more.

One of my best friends has a motto: In life, he who gives the least fucks wins.

Which is basically saying, a successful person cares very little.

The ship sank a few months later, but after seeing her that weekend I finally gave in: If he who gives the least fucks wins, then I forfeit, I give up.

I could accept the loss, because on that long drive back to L.

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